Dear authors and co-authors,
on January 5, 2018, we received an information from Clarivate Analytics confirming that: MendelNet 2017 has been submitted for evaluation under reference number: K9343K.
Based on this, Institute for Scientific Information (MENDELU) started submitting the data related to your results (contributions) into OBD database. However – to complete the entry in the librarian system, you have to send "hlášenku o vzniku výsledku vědy a výzkumu" where it is mandatory to specify "OBOR VÝSLEDKU" and fill in "ÚPLNÝ NÁZEV PROJEKTU" that served as the source of financial support. Please do not forget to make a thorough check of your entry in OBD.
Please make it so as soon as possible!

Many thanks
Organizing Committee

About the Conference MendelNet 2017

In today’s world, hurried, intense, competetive, and globally real-time-shared, few things are developing as rapidly or as significantly as the realm of science. Amongst many instruments of knowledge designed to serve the dissemination, education, and general welfare, one really stood out in the test of the time.

It is a scientific conference, a gathering of like-minded people, an opportunity to both reveal the new breakthroughs and polish well-established concepts. Due to an enormous growth of specialization, there is a lot of new conventions coming to existence each year. However, not too many of them are determined to last long. And even fewer have a profound impact within their fields.

This certainly does not apply to MendelNet, which, even in a highly pressurized scientific evironment, holds its position of an instantly recognizable and likable event. An event that continues to keep the best of tradition while constantly looking for new paths to improve; being the proof positive its organizers and participants have been doing something right.

The forthcoming conference, our 24th, is, as ever, held in Brno, a city well-known not only for pioneering work of great genetician Gregor Johann Mendel but also for the contributions of many other luminaries of science and culture.

With a prospect of a quarter-of-a-century anniversary ahead of us, we tried to put on all things that had worked nicely in the past, whether it is English as a principal communication language, a tour of the pavillion M, or the whole-heartedly received Networking Hub that proved to be a real draw among the attendees, effortlessly stimulating conversation and refreshing scientific exchange. And, as was the rule in the past seven years, we will also continue an effort to conform to the needs of our highly-evaluated world, which means the conference proceedings still are and ought to be included in Conference Proceedings Citation Index (Clarivate Analytics).

I look forward to meeting all of you at Mendel University in Brno
Assoc. Prof. Ing. Pavel Ryant, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty of AgriSciences